Beauty Products I Am Still Using in 2023

New Year… Same Me! When you find holy grails and do not want to change up your routine, then that means you struck gold with the current products you have found. Below I have outlined some of the products I will be certainly continuing to use in 2023. I am curious to know if we have the same products that we will be bringing over into 2023 with us? What are some of your holy grail products?


This is a classic product should be incorporated in everyones beauty routine. The definition of an oldie but a goodie. I have a vaseline bottle everywhere. In my makeup bag, in the bathroom, by my bed side and in my purse… the places could go on and on! I apply vaseline all over my face. Living in Canada it is a saviour for the my lips and cheeks. The winter is a killer and my face and lips are always dry! Before bed after I do my skincare routine… I lay in bed a greasy mess because of the vaseline I lather on my face. Petroleum Jelly is a true super product and it is overlooked. I find a lot of lip masks try to sell you on something vaseline will fix and work 10x better. If anyone ever criticizes my vaseline I get personally offended lol. 

INKEY List Oat Cleansing Balm 

Now I have a hate love relationship with this product but mostly love. I have tried many makeup removers over the years….this one does not burn my eyes and is gentle on my reactive sensitive skin. The only ‘icks’ I have about this product is the packaging and the fact that the product does separate so you have to be mindful of how you store and place this product. Other than that I can get over those ‘icks’ because of how amazing the formula is and of course the less expensive price tag is just a bonus. This product truly takes everything off and leaves your skin feeling very soft. You do feel like a bit of a residue but if you are applying your skincare correctly and making sure to cleanse your face with a cleanser afterwards then that residue will go away. I will admit I have had some lazy nights and just used this product before bed and my skin was absolutely fine.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream

Okay now this product is a pricey one. This is definitely a splurge but will make you look bronzed to the GODS. I have had this product for a couple of years now… (Gross I know) but I cannot get rid of it. It looks like I just touched the surface when I have been consistently been using it for years. ( I am not promoting using expired makeup… in reality my cheap ass is just not ready to let go of it.) Make sure to recycle your makeup bag often. Now that I put the word of caution out their lets go back to my hypocrisy of still using and loving this product. This will give you that JLO glow instantly. A little goes a very long way! The cream melts into your skin and you feel like a million bucks. I use it like a regular bronzer but I also love it on my eye lids. 

Tower28 Beauty – BeachPlease Lip + Cheek Cream Blush – In magic Hour 

I fell in love with this product in 2021. I have boughten many of them. I love this brand. The price point is reasonable for a product in Sephora and their products work very well. The Cream blush is definitely a knock out for me and a staple in my makeup bag. I have other blushes and will always reach for this one. The colour magic hour has that subtle hit of peach that looks absolutely stunning on my olive skin tone. If you aren’t sure which cream blush to try next… Try this one you wont regret it. A little does go along way but I do slap a lot of this on my face because I cannot get over the glowey peach colour. 

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Strength + Moisture Leave-In Spray Hair Mask

I do not typically spend money on my hair.. I hate to admit that but I am getting better at this. I received this as a gift one year and I have been hooked. I have tangly hair with dry ends and when I tell you this product really does nourish my hair.. it really does! I have noticed a difference in my hair since using it. This is how I apply this product… it is not exactly how they instruct you to use it on the box but I guess sometimes I throw instructions and listening out the window… sometimes. Right after I exit the shower I squeeze out the water that is left in my hair. I then towel dry my hair. My hair is still wet not completely soaked but not exactly damp yet, I spray this product in my hair and let it sit for a bit. I then comb out the rats nest. It actually works and doubles as a detangler even though this product does not claim to be. My hair feel incredibly soft and healthy. The smell is quite nice as well. I will say as a side note I have used other products from this brand and was not totally impressed. They are pricey but listen to me when I say this product is absolutely lovely.

Please let me know your holy grail products and which ones you will be continuing to use in 2023. 

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