How Should Beauty Brands Market their Products?

Have we changed? Have we all caught on and are getting bored with how beauty brands market their products? With the recent scandalous Tarte Cosmetics Dubai trip or the same celebrities on a billboard and useless commercials posing with a product… are we bored? I know I am. I know this blog is not what I usually write about but with my marketing brain I can’t help but see how freaking bored people are with the industry. Not that anyone asked but do you know how I want my products marketed to me? I want real people not huge influencers who are backing up certain brands not celebrities with a paid post or hearing about a celebrity makeup line that they clearly do not care about what they are promoting…

I want to hear and see everyday people talking about the products they love. This is why everyone loves TikTok. Everyday people making certain products go viral. That everyday person is more relatable and more trustworthy. Who remembers the old school Youtube beauty gurus? With the grainy cameras before the fame… They would simply sit in front of their camera having real talk about all the different products they were using. I did not start this blog because I wanted recognition. No, I started it because I simply love the world of beauty and I love to talk about it. Sharing my love for beauty and products brings me so much joy.

I would love to hear your opinion on this. I feel as though some brands get it and some are way off. The top brands that have amazing marketing for me are definitely Fenty Beauty, Rare Beauty & Makeup by Mario.

With these three brands as of late I have looked forward to their posts and launches. The beauty industry from a consumer stand point can get very stale. Brands that offer innovative marketing with innovative next level product production is what I love and look for.

The beauty world is ever evolving and I am over celebrity makeup lines but if you notice I did mention Fenty Beauty & Rare Beauty… I just feel like Rihanna and Selena did it right. Yes they created these brands, yes they are in some campaigns with these brands but the brands are bigger than just their celebrity status. Which is why I think they will be around for a lot longer than any random brand you see at Sephora with a celebrity name on it.

As a consumer, transparency is key, the innovation is key and so is the marketing. Your messaging is what it ultimately comes down to. I do not claim to be an expert, this is just my personal thoughts as a consumer.

Which brands have been your standouts as of late? Let me know your thoughts on this blog.

SIDE NOTE: This blog was written before the Mikayla Nogueira Loreal mascara scandal. This is the thing… on social media not everything is real but if you think about it this is good thing that happened. More and more influencers are starting to “De-Infulence” now. Meaning they are not talking about everything they love anymore. They are starting to become more real. If you have read my blog for a bit now I usually talk about things I love, mistakes I have made and try to provide some education. I have never been paid by a brand and simply started this blog out of my love for beauty. Lets not break each other down, lets share the knowledge with each other.

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  • Oana Orzac
    June 22, 2023 at 9:57 am

    I absolutely resonate with your thoughts on the beauty industry’s marketing strategies. It’s refreshing to hear someone express their boredom with the repetitive and often disingenuous approach that some beauty brands take. I couldn’t agree more that the power of relatability lies in everyday people sharing their genuine experiences with products.


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