Celebrity Skincare Lines

Celebrity Skincare Lines — Let’s talk about it!

I do not know about you, but when I hear about a new celebrity skincare line my eyes roll and all I think about is another brand of skincare with someones name on it. My initial thoughts are — what is inventive about this line? What are the ingredients like? And of course what is the price tag? Celebrity skincare lines are all about branding right? Some celebrities it makes sense to come out with their own skincare lines but others not so much…

I would like to preface this by saying I have not tried all these brands that I will be speaking about. I am not judging the below brands I will be speaking to the general feedback these brands have gotten from the public.


Let’s talk Fentyskin. Fentyskin by Queen Rihanna is arguably one of the best skincare brands put on the market. Fentyskin claims to be a clean cruelty-free & eco-conscious brand. They are one of the first celebrity skincare lines that I saw that were quite innovative with their packaging. What I love about this line is that it has quite a few products that are fragrance free.

The stand out product from Fentyskin has been the Fat Water. The Fat Water is a toner that targets pores and dark spots. This product does contain witch hazel which when it originally launched had some skin influencers in a fit. Witch hazel is known to have irritated many. Especially those with dry skin. I have had my own hate love relationship with the ingredient.

The general consensus of Fentyskin that have seen online is that oily skin people generally love the brand more due to its ingredients in the products.

Skkn By Kim

Skkn by Kim is a fairly new skincare line released just last month. I personally have not tried anything from skkn so I will not personally comment on what I think about certain products. The overall reviews from the public have been quite mixed. Most of the criticism I have seen online is the price point. Now the price point is a huge deal when you are a celebrity entering the skincare world. Being overpriced will turn off the everyday consumer. The cleanser costs $57 CAD and the face moisturizer costs $115 CAD. While the packaging is stunning you can’t help but think how much of that costs actually goes straight to the packaging rather than the quality of the product inside. The packaging does look stunning as seen below.

Skkn By Kim does make refillable packaging. They do claim to include “clean” ingredients in their products. I do love that Kim has spoken openly about her struggle with psoriasis over the years and I’m sure this was at the centre of her thinking behind her brand when creating it. It starts with a struggle and ends in a resolution.


Rhode created by Hailey Bieber is a newer celebrity skincare line. The line was launched last month a week before skkn By Kim. They claim to be vegan, cruelty-free & dermatologist-developed. So far from what I have seen online this brand has gotten positive reviews. The pricing of these products are all under $30. The product ingredients themselves are not overly complicated. Consumers have been pleasantly surprised of the quality of this line. I think personally the marketing of this brand has been quite smart and inclusive. Overall Hailey has come into the skincare community with open arms and transparency and that is the way to do it. I look forward to trying out her products soon.

Do your research before jumping into celebrity skincare lines. Some are surprising knock outs while others are just really good marketing campaigns to make more money. What celebrity skincare brands have you tried and loved? Let me know!

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