Does Makeup & Skincare Expire?

Let’s talk expiration dates on skincare & makeup products. I am a stickler when searching for expiration dates on my products. I know there are quite a few people out there that use expiration dates as a suggestion. In this article lets talk about why you should not take expiration dates as a suggestion and why you must listen to the manufactures packaging dates!

Can makeup & skincare products be used after an expiration date?

The answer – NO! It might be okay to use them a little past the date but I would advise against it! No, I am not being extra. It is proven that some products are not as effective after its expiration dates. The power of the ingredients in your products can only last for a certain amount of time. The preservatives in your products can only last so long. It is true that overtime a product does get less effective.

How do you check if products are expired?

Thankfully, many cosmetic companies include an expiration date on the packaging. It can be found usually near the size of the product. You will see a little half opened can. Illustrated in the can will be a number with an ‘M’ beside it. In my header image I show an example of this. In the image you will see a ‘6M’. This means the product is good until its 6 month mark once opened.

Some makeup products have a general rule. For example, they say mascara only lasts 3 months since its been opened. Once the 3 month mark passes you could be at risk for an eye infection. Bacteria can grow inside the tube. Think about the amount of times you are exposing a mascara wand to the air and then back into the tube.

What will happen if you use expired Face products?

Expired products can cause skin reactions. If you are unsure if the product is old there are a few signs that will signify the expiration. The signs are — the product changed in colour or there is a significant odour. The product can look separated, clumpy of thinned out. Keep an eye on your products and notice the change in consistency. Think of it like spoiled milk. When milk goes bad it tends to clump, the colour changes and it smells. Do not let your products get that bad. Just like you would not drink spoiled milk or you will get an upset stomach. Think about the fact that your face has to endure an upset reaction when applying old product. General rule – If you do not remember the last time you used a product and it has been in the back of your cabinet, I would toss it away. Just to be safe. You do not want a chemical reaction on your face. Your skin is too precious for that to happen.

Does Natural products expire faster?

Short answer is — YES! If you include more “natural” products in your routine you better be more on top of expiry dates. Typically natural products are made from pure ingredients with the lack of chemicals. Without chemicals, like parabens for example the lasting power of the product will shorten. So be aware!

Be safe when using products after all you only have one body. Look out for expiration dates and use your products in a timely manner.

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