Skincare Products To Use During The Time Of The Month

During the time of the month it is common to break out… it is the WORST! This is quite common for many women. I even notice that my skin tends to get even more sensitive around the time of the month. I use a retinoid every other day, during the week. Retinoid does tend to help breakouts however, during the time of the month my skin is extra sensitive and does not react well to retinoid. This goes without saying but during the time of the month… keep your routine simple. Go back to basics. Cleanse your skin, moisturize & apply sunscreen. There are a few products that can help you along the way that can minimize breakouts.

Mighty Patch

This hit the internet in 2020 and everyone seemed to have purchased these. They are quite satisfying… when they work properly. These patches work more on white heads. What I love about these patches is that it reduces the urge to touch the acne on my face. While staring at a computer all day for work, I subconsciously touch my face which is absolutely terrible.. but it happens! Try not to pop your pimples, it will cause damage overtime. These patches protect and help the pimples heal faster. The patches contain hydrocolloid. Hydrocolloid is an ingredient that takes out the fluid and pus and then forms a gel. You will not regret trying these patches out!

Tiger Grass Serum

I have used this serum for a long time! If you have read my blog before you would have seen this serum! The hype is real! It is an overnight fix. It calms down my redness and reduces acne. Now I know there is some criticism about this product because it includes essential oils. Essential oils can break people out. I have sensitive skin and I have never had a breakout from this product. However, everyones skin is different so please keep that in mind. The special ingredient about this product is, Cica. Cica (Tiger grass) has been said to contain anti-inflammatory properties which helps with redness. Remember to do a patch test first before applying to skin. Now, I am usually a fragrance free type of girl but this product is my exception. I can’t stop using it! It gets me through that dreadful period acne week.

Moisturizing Cream

I feel like there has been a misconception about not applying moisturizer while you have acne. This is completely false, in my opinion. Do not try to “dry out” acne. Your skin needs to be moisturized. You can read here to my other blog about the importance of moisturizing. Moisturizing consistently can prevent future breakouts and help prevent wrinkles/signs of aging. This CeraVe moisturizer is absolutely incredible. It contains hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid boosts hydration in your skin and can induce a plump appearance. Dryness can cause irritation and can make the acne on your face worse. Moisturizing is a good thing and should be applied everyday! If you tend to have oily skin you may want to try out a moisturizer that is lighter, but please moisturize!

Another tip, during the time of the month, spoil yourself. Dedicate more time for self-care, you deserve it!

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