Simplify Your Skincare Routine With Three Easy Steps!

All of us can get lost in the skincare market! Truly, you can ruin your skin by applying and introducing WAY TOO MANY products to it! There are so many products on the market that contain empty promises. I work a career in marketing and know how the behind the scenes work. In my personal negative opinion, most of the time these “new” products are basically the same thing over and over again but in new packaging. This doesn’t happen all the time and some new formulations are great and ground breaking but, all I am saying is try not to be caught up in the marketing bullshit. (Theres some advice from a marketer lol) If your skin is breaking out or just not improving take it down to 3 steps! STEP 1: Cleanser. STEP 2: Moisturizer. STEP 3: SPF. I promise you, a difference in your skin will appear.

STEP 1: Cleanser

Especially when wearing sunscreen everyday you must cleanse your skin. Make sure to take the everyday grime off your skin. Cleaning that bacteria everyday will reduce acne. Find one that will suit your skin type. Your skin type really depends on the hydration level of your face. What can be helpful as a test to figure out what your skin type is; is to wash your face with a gentle cleanser. After your face is washed and dried, how do you feel? If your skin feels tight you most likely have dry skin. If you start to see some oil developments on your forehead for example, you may have oily skin. If you see/feel both results you can have combination skin. Some people have normal skin and would not see much oil development and will not feel a tightness to the skin. I personally struggle with dry skin so, any hydrating cleanser works for me. Although, if you do have dry skin try not to strip it too much. Sometimes when I wake up I simply use water on my face as my “cleanser”. It is so important to listen to your skin. Your skin will show you how its feeling!

STEP 2: Moisturizer

Regardless of your skin type moisturizing your skin keeps the skin hydrated and healthy. As you age, the skin tends to become more dry. By moisturizing your skin you are regenerating cells that will in return show a natural glow. Do not apply your moisturizer on dry skin. I have made this mistake for years! Work in the products you used before hand and let your moisturizer absorb into your damp skin. This helps your moisturizer lock in the moisture into your skin. I swear this will become a game changer!


Your skins exposure to the sun is one of the main signs of aging. SPF is so important and should be used on your skin everyday. Even indoors! Make this apart of your routine. I know we are all guilty of not applying everyday. What has helped me to remember to apply it every single morning is to make my skincare routine more simple. I only use these three steps in the morning and I will still make it out the door in good timing. Especially in the mornings your skin does not need a-lot. There are all types of sunscreens out there, try and find one that you will enjoy. There are few on the market that does not leave a white cast once applied to the skin. The sunscreen I am currently obsessed with is the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Lightweight Lotion SPF 30. This lotion does not leave a white cast on me. I like the dewy affect that some sunscreens can leave on your face because I have dry skin. La Roche-Posay Anthelios Lightweight Lotion gives me that dewy affect.

I didn’t start to see results in my skin until I simplified my routine. Your skin doesn’t need a-lot to improve! Keep it simple and use exactly what your skin needs. You will start to see results. If you are a young teen or have one in your life that is starting skincare for the first time, please share this advice with them. They will thank you in years time. Simplifying your routine is the best skincare advice anyone can receive!

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