4 Reasons Why Your Skincare Doesn’t Work

I feel the frustration. You spent all this money on a new skincare routine, you have been trying it out for the last couple of months, and you don’t see results! So now WHAT? There can be a couple of reasons why you are not seeing positive results from your skincare routine! We have all been there and I’m about to break it down for you! Please try not to be discouraged, lets go through this skincare journey together!

1. The products that you purchased aren’t right for your skin!

Research! Research! Research! I cannot express this enough! Just because I may recommend a product or other beauty bloggers may recommend a product, it does not mean that it will be right for your skin! What is right for me may not be right for you, everyone skin is different. Simply take everything you see and read, as a recommendation. I try to cut through the bullshit on the market and I hate the feeling of being ripped off. I have problematic skin, I use this platform to inform others like me, that love skincare. Knowing your skin type this key. That is why most times, when I follow certain influencersI tend to follow those that have similarities to me and my skin. I know what it is like, there is this new and improved product on the market that everyone is loving and you think? OMG I NEED THAT! Well it could work for you but often times than not, if you do not do your research beforehand… it may not. Know your skin type and know what you want to achieve in your skin. How do I know my skin type, you may ask? Your skin type really depends on the hydration level of your face. What can be helpful as a test to figure this out, is to wash your face with a gentle cleanser. After your face is washed and dried, how do you feel? If your skin feels tight you most likely have dry skin. If you start to see some oil developments on your forehead for example, you may have oily skin. If you see/feel both results you have combination skin. Some people have normal skin and would not see much oil development and will not feel a tightness to the skin. Research the ingredients. Skincare became a game changer for my skin once I researched and understood the types of ingredients that are in my products. Once you start researching you will start noticing the key ingredients in good skincare, that will be right for your skin.

2. Your product order on your face may be incorrect.

I know the day is long, I know that by the end of it most of us are exhausted. When you get to your skin care routine at night, I know it is much easier to sort of slab everything on your face, and call it a night. Guess what? If you are the one doing this, you are most likely wasting money and product! You have to give some products time to actually absorb into your skin. Go brush your teeth in between steps or just be patient. Piling everything on at once is not helpful, you will not see results from this. Let those products work! Honestly, what has helped me, is doing my skincare routine at least two hours before my head hits the pillow at night. I realized I would do my skincare routine, to then have it all rub off from my pillow. Let those products absorb into your skin, I cannot reiterate this enough! Also, a big mistake many people do is that they do not know how to properly apply each product as steps onto their skin. Cleanser, actives, Moisturize! Those three steps are a good place to start. If you are putting moisturizer for example over SPF you are defeating the purpose of both products, and they are not going to give your skin the benefits that they should show.

3. Your skin needs something new!

Switch up your routine! I feel as though sometimes my skin gets used to the same products. Switch it up! Please remember, to try not to switch up products too soon in your routine. In order to see progress it takes time. However, if there is a change in season your skin could be craving something richer or thicker in consistency. Pay attention to what your skins needs. At the beginning of this article I talked about knowing your skin type. Keep in mind as the season change your skin will too! I wrote a past article on how to take care of your skin in a cooler climate. Click here to read.

4. Consistency is key!

You will notice a difference in your skin only if you are consistent with a routine. Like anything else, you can’t just workout for one day and expect to be muscular and loose a bunch of weight the very next day! Everything takes time, and that goes for the active ingredients in your products. They need time to work with your skin. What has helped me to stay consistent is to dedicate certain days to certain products. I put my skin on its own schedule. Monday, Wednesday, Friday are retinoid nights; while the other days of the week I focus on Hyaluronic acid as my active for the night. This schedule has helped with consistency!

Skincare should not be hard but sometimes it can be discouraging. When you aren’t seeing results refer back to this article and know you are not alone! Your skin is trying to tell you something most times! Get to know your skin, it will love you for it! Happy Skincare loves!! Lets continue this skincare journey together!

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