Unnecessary Products In A Skincare Routine

(Based on my opinion)

Skincare is scary. There are so many beauty products on the market that it can become very overwhelming. Over the years I have learned which product to splurge on and which products to save my money on. This takes time to learn. There are so many products on the market that are just not needed. Many products are marketed in a way that will make you feel as though, you need to have them in your skin care routine. Let me tell you, the more simple the better. Especially with problematic skin, you want to make sure that you are not using too many products at once on your skin. We play into the market all the time as consumers. If you want to save a couple of extra bucks you’re on the right page! As a consumer I want to make sure that I am splurging on the right type of products for my skin. There has been so many gimmicks over the years that I have boughten into, just like everyone else. The products featured below are the few products that you can start saving your money on, in your routine. They are not necessary for the everyday skincare routine. I would also like to mention that I am no expert. This is what I have learned and researched. I hate being ripped off and spending unnecessary money on things that are not needed. If you are a student or a young adult and just want to save some money, try to cut the below items out of your routine. This article isn’t to say that you should never spend money on any these products. They just aren’t necessary. We all try to stay on budget. Whenever you have a few extra bucks to spend, you may want to spend it on some of the products featured below. There is nothing wrong with that. Keep in mind I am here to tell you, how you can save on your skincare routine!

Face Masks

As a teenager growing up, face masks were all the rage. As a teen, I understood face masks being marketed as the solution to all my problems. In reality, face masks are not the long term solution. Look, I still purchased face masks from time to time. I just don’t rely on them to provide me long-term results. I look at face masks as more of a luxury. It’s a Friday night or Sunday afternoon, treat myself moment. I just don’t rely on them anymore. I don’t think I’m doing more for my skin while using them. Think about it, the average face mask stays on your skin for 15 minutes max. What is that really going to do for you in the long run? The answer is, NOT MUCH! Do not go out of your way to purchase face masks on a regular basis. Chemical exfoliants will do much better for your skin in the long run! Some face masks are physical exfoliants. Physical exfoliants are quite harsh for the skin. Some physical exfoliates can contain granule beads. Granule beads can tear at your skin. Be very careful and do your research! Be kind to your skin!

Eye Cream

I love a good eye cream. Especially in the winter, you can become so dry around the under eye area. Unfortunately eye creams are marketed to do more for your skin than the regular moisturizer but sometimes Thats all it is… a glorified face moisturizer. You are paying sometimes, two times the price for less product! I still purchase eye creams. However, when I do I make sure the eye cream’s number one ingredient is retinoid. Retinoids help with anti aging. Pay attention to the ingredients that are in your products. Especially when it comes to eye creams. You do not want to be ripped off. Especially when eye creams on average costs more than $30. Do not play into the hype!

Beauty Tools

Please be so careful with the types of beauty tools you use on your skin! Almost every year a new beauty tool comes out that people obsess over! Some are so bad for your skin and can actually lead to further harmful results. The key to the skincare market is to really do research on your own! That is what I have learned. There is some tools to have and use for more of a self-care purpose. For example, the jade roller. It has been said that scientifically there are no real results that comes from it, but they do not cause much damage either. I use my jade roller for fun when I have extra time, but I know I will not get any real lasting results from it. To be honest if I had to go back I would not purchase one to begin with. I could have saved that money for something I really needed or wanted.

Save your money where you can in your skin care routine! I know what it’s like to be on a budget. You want to buy the latest and greatest on the market but sometimes it isn’t worth it. Be careful of the gimmicks. Choose the products your skin needs. Your skin will not regret it, and your pockets will not regret it it. Think about it, the money you do not spend on the gimmicks you can spend elsewhere on other products that you will actually need! I hope this helped! Save your money and buy the correct skincare for your needs!

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