The Importance of Moisturizing Your Skin

Many people ask, how can I get my skin to glow? There are many answers to this question. Now the more vague answer would be to take care of it, be consistent in your routine but… the real answer is to MOISTURIZE. Regardless of your skin type moisturizing your skin keeps the skin hydrated and healthy. As you age, the skin tends to become more dry. By moisturizing your skin you are regenerating cells that will in return show a natural glow. Moisturizing consistently can prevent future breakouts and help prevent wrinkles/signs of aging. Skincare should be used as a preventative measure. Moisturizing your skin consistently can also help with application of your makeup.

How to properly apply moisturizer?

Pat do not rub. I cannot stress this enough. Treat application of moisturizer like a spa treatment on your face. Try not to rub downward. Apply in an upward motion. Be gentle on your skin. Try not to irritate your skin when applying your skincare. Do not apply your moisturizer on dry skin. Work in the products you used before hand and let your moisturizer absorb into your damp skin NOT dry. This helps your moisturizer lock in the moisture into your skin.

Do I need two different moisturizers? One for at night and one for during the day?

Honestly, this is not necessary… but I do use a lighter consistency of moisturizer during the day under my makeup. I personally purchase moisturizers that claim to do different things for my different skin concerns. I love to test out different types of moisturizers. I have a certain consistency that I look for. I have dry skin so I do like a thicker consistency at night. I want to repair my dry patches at night and retain moisture in my skin. Just because I personally do this, it does not mean it is necessary at all. Stick with an easy routine when you first get into skincare. If you are new to skincare I broke down a beginners guide to skincare. Click here to read.

Current Favourites

I am a moisturizer addict. It is my favourite skincare product to purchase. Below I go into detail on some of my current faves and the moisturizers I am currently using. I have dry, sensitive skin. I do not like fragrance in my skin care products, the moisturizers below are all fragrance free as well. If you have skin similar to mine or just want some moisturizer options to look out on the market for, keep on reading!


Ultra Facial Cream

This moisturizer is very light weight. It packs a punch. It feels so refreshing and soothing while applying. I would say this is more of a day time moisturizer if you have dry skin. If you have oily skin you may enjoy this moisturizer because of its lightweight texture. This moisturizer blends out beautifully. The Kiehls Ultra facial cream is a bit on the pricy/mid price range side. I would say that it is worth every penny. Since purchasing this I have been reaching for this one the most.


Rapid Wrinkle Repair

I have been really enjoying this moisturizer. I kept seeing this product when looking up moisturizers with anti aging properties. This kept coming up so I had to try it. I feel like this moisturizer has helped the redness in my skin. Beware this moisturizer does sting. It does declare on the packaging that you may feel some discomfort. The reason for this is, one of the ingredients in this moisturizer is Retinol SA. Retinol is known as an anti aging ingredient. It does have a thick consistency. I wear this moisturizer only at night. There are two different types of this moisturizer on the market. Make sure to pick up the fragrance free version.

The Ordinary

Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

This moisturizer is AMAZING for the price. There is Hyaluronic acid incorporated in this moisturizer. As you may know Hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient to boost hydration in your skin. This moisturizer is on the thick side. Once it is rubbed in all the way it does feel lightweight under the skin. This moisturizer is great under makeup. The only downfall of this moisturizer is that it does take a while for it to absorb into the skin.

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