How To Properly Layer Your Skincare In The A.M

The biggest mistakes you are making in your skincare routine is that you are possibly not layering the products correctly onto your face. Many active ingredients in skincare do not mix. You want to make sure you are pairing different products correctly, so that this does not cause a reaction on your face. If certain ingredients are not layered properly they will not work correctly together which, will not show positive results. The morning routine is set to protect your skin all day long.

How to layer?

  1. 1. Cleanser

This should always be your number one step! Simply, clean your skin. Especially in the morning this is a great way to feel refreshed and ready to take on your day. The Cerave hydrating cleanser is AMAZING. I have dry skin and this cleanser does not make my skin feel tight. It is worth the hype. Make sure when choosing a cleanser, you choose one that is right for your skin type. I cannot stress the importance of this enough!! I have seen online some people complain about certain cleansers and then, show a completely different cleanser that should be used on a different skin type that ended up working for them. If you have oily skin you may not like this cleanser. There are all types of cleansers that have different consistencies. Feed your skin what it needs. Do not spend a lot of money on a cleanser. Cleansers need to be effective but they are only on your skin for maximum thirty seconds. If you are unsure about which skincare items are worth spending your money on, I have a previous blog post that I go into great detail about this, read here.

  1. 2. Vitamin C

There are many benefits to Vitamin C. This is a powerful ingredient, it packs a punch with results. Vitamin C helps brighten, balance skin tone, helps hyperpigmentation, and reduces signs of aging. When I first got into skincare I did not think Vitamin C was important to incorporate. This was the wrong mentality. I have noticed such a difference in my skin when I started to incorporate Vitamin C in my everyday skincare routine. It brought the glow and overall look of a healthy dew to my skin. I do apply this product after I pat dry my skin from my cleanser. I have been loving this Vitamin C radiance serum from Honest Beauty. It absorbs into the skin quickly and feels very light on the skin.

  • 3. Moisturizer

Never forget this step in your routine! No matter your skin type you need to moisturize. Your skin needs to retain moisture in order to help with the natural glow. Pat do not rub when applying moisturizer to your face. Always apply in an upward motion. In a previous blog, I go in depth on the importance of moisturizing, read here. I have been loving the Kiehls Ultra Facial cream. The consistency of this moisturizer is a dream. It is whipped to perfection and feels cool and refreshing on the face.

  • 4. SPF

This is the most important step of a morning skincare routine. Do not tackle the day without sunscreen. Number one product to help with aging is right here! Sunscreen! This was part of my routine that I dreaded. This is because I did not find a sunscreen I preferred. This sunscreen, the Ordinary mineral SPF 30 with antioxidants I enjoy using. It has not broken me out and I love that it is formulated as a mineral sunscreen.

The consistency of the product pictured here looks quite thick. However, it is quite the opposite. This feels so light on the skin. It does not make my makeup peel when other products are placed on top. Once rubbed in all the way I do not notice a white cast to the skin. I do have a medium skin tone colour. It does take a bit of time to rub this product into the skin so please keep that in mind, if you are considering purchasing this item.

Remember a skincare routine is not effective overnight. Be consistent with your routine. Be gentle with your skin. Remember in order to get that glow you have to work for it girl! Glow on and love your skin!

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