How To Correctly Apply Eye Cream

For my beginners, making sure you apply eye cream correctly is crucial. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest, and should be treated very gently. Even though eye cream is not a skincare necessity I still enjoy using it, and it has become my favourite part of my skincare routine. I love to use an eye cream with Vitamin C in it. My skin looks darker around the eyes and I usually gravitate towards any product that helps to brighten.

Keep in mind, applying eye cream should not be the first part of your skincare routine. It is usually my second last or last step. It is like the cherry on top for extra moisture.

Step 1: Use only your RING FINGER to apply the pea sized amount of product underneath your eye area.

Step 2: Tap gently under and around your eye.

The eye area is very sensitive and you want to make sure you are applying correctly! Have fun with your skincare routine!

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