Summer Makeup Essentials

When it is humid, I do not know about you but I do not want to wear a lot of makeup! I do however want to look glowy! I have listed below some of my Summer go-to’s!


Wet Lip Oil Gloss in shade Dip

This gloss looks amazing on the lips. It is not sticky and glides on like a dream. I prefer to have clean, all natural products on my lips. You end up eating quite a bit of gloss on your lips while wearing it so I want to make sure that whatever I am ingesting in my body is good for me and not toxic. Highly recommend and would love to buy the other colours.

RMS Beauty

Buriti Bronzer

I was not expecting much from this. The colour of this bronzer is not something I gravitate towards. It does have specs of glitter inside which would be a red flag when using a bronzer but honestly it is such a beautiful universal bronzer on the skin. I love using this product on my eye lids with some mascara. This has been my go to summer eye look. Love products that can be used on different parts of my face.

RMS Beauty

Living Luminizer

This product was introduced to me through a friend. I noticed this on her skin and it just made her look like she had such a healthy glow, and not an artificial highlighter glow. I LOVED it and immediately asked… what is that? This product is something that I wear on my skin every time I wear makeup especially in the summer. This is the added glow everyone needs on top of their summer tans.

IT Cosmetics

CC Cream in shade medium

I have been using this product for a very long time. The coverage is insane and yet it feels so light on the skin. The best part about this product is that it has SPF inside. SPF is so important for the skin especially in the summer when the sun is so prominent. I look for products like this that help my skin at the same time and have other properties in them that provide other benefits.

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