Which Skincare Products Should I Splurge On?

When it comes to skincare the more expensive does not necessarily mean, better! Especially in today’s market!! You can certainly find reasonably priced items for a great price. If you have the budget and would like to splurge on certain items I am going to break down the types of products you should spend your money on!

Face Wash

Face wash is important because it is your first step and you need to wash the everyday dirt off your face, but face wash is not a product I would spend a whole bunch of money on. I want my face wash ingredients to be simple and do exactly what it claims to do, wash my face! Cerave & Cetaphil are two brands that you can find at the drugstore for a reasonable price.


Serums are something I would absolutely splurge on. Serums contain a high concentration of active ingredients. Serums are used to target certain skincare concerns. For me I want to tackle redness, wrinkles & dryness. I want to have the highest percentage in my active ingredients and typically this means a higher price point. If you have the money serums are where to spend it! However, as mentioned earlier you can find great alternatives from some brands in today’s market. This is my opinion and my reasoning behind it.


You do not necessarily need to splurge on a moisturizer but you definitely can. Since I have dry skin I do like a nice luxurious heavy cream for at night. For during the day I would not spend my money on a day time moisturizer, but for at night it is a totally different story. At night time your skincare is sitting on your face for a long time without being touched. You want your skin to repair itself at night. My night time moisturizer I do spend money on.

Eye Cream

You may hear eye creams is not a necessity. I must say, any eye creams I have tried they have never shown amazing results. When selecting an eye cream I like to choose some that contain vitamin C in them, to brighten. The biggest regret I have when it comes to purchasing skincare is spending excessive amounts of money on eye cream. Some eye creams are basically a moisturizer. You do not need to splurge on eye creams.

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