Most Used Eye Shadow Palettes

The above photo was taken with no intensions for wanting to look “pretty” I really do use these palettes and this is what they tend to look like when they have been loved.

Urban Decay

OG Naked Palette

This is a holy grail product. Yes, I know it has been discontinued so I was hesitant to include this but had to mention it. All the positive reviews around this product were 100% accurate. The colour pay off, the colour combinations in this palette are just the best in the game. My go to colours in this palette are: Naked, Buck, Side Car, Sin & Dark horse. Dark House is a beautiful colour for underneath your lower lash line and as eye liner on the lid. Naked is the ideal transitional shade! Naked is used in every eye look I do whether for a natural eye look or full glam. As you can see Creep (the black shade) does have the most fall out but that seems to be the case with darker shades. As mentioned earlier, I did not want to include this palette because you cannot purchase this certain palette any longer but the OG Urban Decay is worth shouting out! They have some of these famous colours in newer palettes that you can certainly check out!


Pro Palette

I would have done anything to try to get my hands on this palette. This is the type of palette that is one and done. You do not need another palette as long as you have this one. So versatile. Worth every penny. This colour pay off is unlike any other palette I have ever owned. As you can see the colour I have loved and miss the most is Taupe. This colour worked so well with my skin tone as a transitional shade. If Lorac sold this colour as one pan I would buy them all. That colour is a staple. Best Matte shades I have ever used. Honourable mention shades are Espresso, Mauve, Cream, Lt Bronze, Black & Deep Purple. The packaging of the palette is sleek, thin and super light absolutely great for travel! This palette is everything.

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