Why I Stopped Using Makeup Wipes

There are several reasons why I have stopped using Makeup wipes.

  1. I was getting lazy
  2. I realized I was causing more risk of potential wrinkles
  3. My Skin Felt Dry
  4. I felt wasteful

I noticed I was slipping into a routine where I would use the excuse that I was tired and had makeup wipes on my bedside and using that as my “cleanser” in a sense at night. I wouldn’t wash my face every night which is obviously, not okay for my skin.

As I am getting older obviously wrinkles start to show so I noticed I was being rough with my skin. With rubbing the wipe excessively, and moving the wipe around can cause wrinkles. So, now that I am young I can still prevent wrinkles. Let’s all be gentle with our skin.

The gross feeling of the after effect of the makeup wipe on your skin ended up being one of my pet peeves. My skin felt dry and I hated the chemical smell on my skin. My skin gets inflamed and red. When rubbing something on it like a makeup wipe it was not helping my redness. I just figured I could find something else to take my makeup off that would be more soothing for my skin.

I noticed I used the wipe to take off liner from underneath my eyes and there would be barely anything on it then I would throw it away. I try everyday to not be wasteful, especially in today’s climate.

This post isn’t against Nivea. The pictured wipes in this post happens to be the one’s I had left over. For me at the time I felt like I could not find the “perfect” makeup wipe and guess what? I didn’t. Makeup wipes were not working for me and my sensitive skin.

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    May 3, 2020 at 6:47 pm

    oil cleansing all the way!


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