The Best Hair Masks


Deep Repair Masque

I have used this hair mask for almost 5 years now. I first learned about this repair mask from YouTuber Casey Holmes. I used to lifeguard and I would be in the pool for hours training and my hair was DEAD. Chlorine is the worst! This has repaired my hair over the years. It is no joke and worth the hefty price tag. The consistency is quite thick but very smooth. The smell is amazing! I use this for the ends of my hair, I let it sit and soak before washing it out. My hair is fine and gets super tangly, this helps with the tangles. This is a lifesaver in the winter time. I use this at least 2 times a week. This tub will last you a long time. I cannot say enough good things about this product.

Shea Moisture

Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Protein Power Treatment

This has been a newer favourite for me. The consistency of this product is not as thick as the macadamia and has more of a paste consistency. What attracted me to this product is that there are no sulfates & no parabens. I love Manuka honey. I literally spread pure Manuka honey all over my face as a face mask sometimes. This hair mask did not disappoint and I loved it. This product is less expensive than the macadamia and I will certainly purchase this again.

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