Let’s Pack For Vacation

It is officially summer vacation time! Let’s talk through some of the products I usually pack for vacation. When you are on summer vacation you want to make sure most of your products do multiple things. Packing only a carry on is my go to, so being strategic with packing makeup and skincare for vacation is crucial. Okay, let’s get to it!

What main items should you pack?


  1. SPF

Do not leave the door without SPF. SPF should be applied everyday, multiple times a day. I have been loving the SPF from La Roche Posay. The sunscreen is called Anthelios Ultra-Fluid SPF 50+ Facial Sunscreen. It is very liquidly so be careful when applying. This sunscreen will make you glow without leaving any white cast behind. The formula is ultra light as described and invisible. It is on the pricey side for everyday use but 100 percent worth it. Any SPF will do, it is so important to improve your skin.


This product is a GAME CHANGER!! I love to bring this product on vacation because it is not only used as a facial cleanser but it also removes makeup. When I go on vacation I do like multipurpose products. I normally believe in multi-use products while travelling but do not use them often at home. I believe in a double cleanse but do not believe it is necessary on vacation. If you have not tried this product yet you are truly missing out especially if you have dry skin.


Any light weight moisturizer will do on vacation. If you have read my blogs in the past, you know I am a big fan of the Kiehl’s ultra facial moisturizing cream. It is lightweight and feels like a DREAM on the skin. I usually bring enough moisturizer that I would use it for my body as well. Using face cream is a little too expensive to use all over your body, so if you have room for only one product I would stick to a Cerave moisturizer that you can apply anywhere and everywhere. Right now, I have been enjoying the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream Plumping & Hydrating Moisturizer. It is an amazing product but I will definitely be switching it out soon. It is not feasible to use this product back to back unless you have a lot of money to blow on skincare.



I will buy the It Cosmetics CC cream over and over again. I know there is jokes on the internet that sort of make fun of this product because its considered a “mommy brand” but I honestly love this brand. They are so reliable and make a kick ass CC Cream. I have very dry skin and this product looks like your skin but better. This product also includes SPF which is just an added bonus.


Blush is such a necessary product when it comes to minimal makeup. It livens up your face and provides that extra glow that the sun did not provide you that day. I usually stick to cream blushes. This is personal preference but any blush would do. The two blushes I am absolutely obsessed with is the cream blushes from Tower 28 Beauty and Makeup By Mario.


I look at Vaseline as my recovery product. I apply vaseline to my lips throughout the day, to keep them hydrated. I have applied vaseline to the top of my cheekbones when I’m done my makeup for extra glow. If you have oily skin I do not suggest this.


Mascara pulls together you look together and makes you look more alive. Mascara is that go to product that is needed anytime you wear makeup. The current mascara I have been using is the Towel 28 MakeWaves Lengthening + Volumizing Mascara. I Find this mascara lengthens but it does not provide a lot of volume.

The purpose of the blog is to say that less is more when travelling. We feel as though we need to pack everything but honestly it is not necessary. This is what I have learned. When you pack so much you end up getting overwhelmed and do not use even half of the products you brought. Pack smart and enjoy your summer vacation!

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