Why Skincare Is The New Makeup

I know what it feels like to feel ashamed of your skin. I would have the hardest time going somewhere without face makeup on. Everyday is still a struggle with my keratosis pilaris on my face. Taking the time to really get to know my skin has help improved the look of my makeup on my skin. Since being consistent with my skincare routine it has helped my skin tremendously. Now, I can’t tell you to feel confident in your skin because I know that can be a struggle and it takes time. However, I can tell you how you can start your journey of feeling confident in your skin without makeup.

1. Research Research Research

Know your skin. Do you have dry skin? Oily Skin? Combination? Normal? Sensitive? Once you have figured out what your skin type is you must buy the right products for your skin type. The ingredients that all skin types should stay away from are: alcohol, any type of fragrance included in the product, essential oils and the list goes on and on! Be educated on your skin

2. Be Consistent

The number one thing I was doing wrong was, that I was not being consistent. I relied on just makeup wipes some nights, which is a whole other topic and a BIG no no. I have a blog on why I stopped using makeup wipes. You can read it here. Many products have active ingredients that need to be used consistently in order to work.

3. Be Patient with results

Kind of like working out. It does take about a month to see results from a good regimented skincare routine. Let the products work with your skin. Do not touch your face. Let the skincare routine be fun. Once you start to see results for the better, you will be addicted to applying your routine every night.

I hope these tips can help you! Happy self care Loves!

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