How Double Cleansing Has Saved My Skin

As soon as I became an adult. My skin completely changed. I took a deep dive into research about skincare and the first thing I learned was, that I was not cleaning my skin correctly. Makeup wipe and the occasional cleanse and thats how I took care of my skin. THAT IS NOT CORRECT. On a makeup day especially you should be double cleansing. Now, what does double cleansing mean? It means to clean your skin twice before applying any creams or moisturizer. Just swiping with a makeup wipe before bed you’re not actually cleaning your skin. I do not use makeup wipes any longer. I have a blog on why I stopped using makeup wipes. You can read why here. I will go into further detail below on the products I use to double cleanse with.


Gentle Cleansing Bar

Now they say to not use soap bars on dry skin because it can strip the skin. Not this one. I use this bar to remove my makeup and to use as my first cleanse. My skin feels smooth and not tight. I use this in the shower typically so it is easy and accessible before my second cleanse. I know a lot of people use oil based cleansers for makeup remover, I have not found one yet that I love. If you have a great recommendation let me know in the comments down below.


Hydrating Cleanser

This is an amazing cleanser. I kept seeing this cleanser everywhere online. I had to try it. If you have dry skin or just want a cleanser that is super hydrating, use this cleanser. I love using this at night. My skin feels so clean. I like to apply it when the skin is damp. It has made my skin feel a lot softer. 100% recommend this product!

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