Top 5 Skincare Products To Bring With You On Vacation

We are slowly moving into a post COVID-19 world. Which means we are all itching to get up and start to travel more regularly again. Going on vacation often times means to pack lightly. No room for a 30 step routine. Here are the top five skincare items you should bring on your vacation.

1. Cleanser

This is a given. Especially on a beach vacation you have a lot to scrub off your face. The sun tan lotion, sand and grime must be washed off. Bring a versatile cleanser. My go-to versatile cleanser is the Hydrating cleanser from CeraVe. What I like about this one, is that it does not strip my skin and it also removes left over makeup. The recent Cera Ve cleanser I have been using is the Hydrating Foaming Cleanser. It removes makeup and is a cleanser all in one.

2. Moisturizer

Keep your skin moisturized, especially under a day in the sun. During the summer I tend to use more of a lightweight moisturizer. Kiehls Ultra Facial moisturizer is the ideal summer moisturizer. Its light weight whip feels cooling and whipped to perfection. Make sure you are moisturizing at least twice a day. This rule applies for oily or dry skin.

3. Sunscreen

For vacation and for everyday sunscreen is a MUST. Please do not be one of those people that only wear sunscreen on vacation. Protect your skin, especially when in direct sunlight on consecutive days. Make sunscreen your best friend apply it multiple times a day. Always make sure when coming out the water you dry off and re apply. Not only do I have sunscreen on me at all times during a vacay but I always carry a large brim hat.

4. CC Cream

Wanting some coverage without anything too heavy? I would suggest investing in a cc cream. I know I talk about this product over and over again but it really is that amazing!! I took a break from it to try other products but guess what? I am right back to it. Wish they had a wider arrangement of colour but it blends so smoothly and effortlessly.

5. SPF Lip Balm

Everyone forgets the lips! DO NOT forget about your lips while on vacay. If you think about it your lips are a thin layer of skin. They need to be moisturized at all times.

Forget the makeup during the trip, let your skin breath and protect it!

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