My Experience With Slugging Skincare

I normally do not follow the latest beauty “trends.” Since I have sensitive skin I do not like to play around with certain skincare tips & tricks! Slugging I played into. If you do not know what slugging is, slugging is a method that originated in K-Beauty. If you have dry skin slugging will work well for you. Tap gently while applying Vaseline on your face before bed as your last step in your routine, to help lock in moisture and keep your skin feeling baby soft.

What has been my experience?

I do not “lather” the vaseline rather tap gently in my skin. The general areas I focus the vaseline on is, in the middle of my forehead, cheeks & chin area. I have noticed such a difference in my dry skin since using this method. I feel my skin looks more pump and my water loss has become resurfaced. Applying makeup to my skin has become such a smooth experience because my dry skin has improved quite a bit!

Does it clogs pores?

Often times there are those skincare rumours that get passed around and many skincare consumers eventually think that these rumours are the truth. Petroleum jelly doesn’t clog pores! My grandmother would use vaseline as a skincare tool for everything. Growing up I never understood her love for vaseline but now I do. Petroleum jelly is a constant in my skincare routine and I couldn’t imagine living without it.

When you are slugging make sure this is done only before bed. Your skin penetrates at night. Think of it this way… your skin instead of protecting itself during the day has time at night to repair itself. Help your skin out by applying the correct products. Another helpful tip is to make sure you aren’t applying your nightly skincare routine right before bed. You don’t want your pillow to smear off everything you just applied. Try starting your wind down routine about 20 minutes before laying your head on the pillow.

Switching up your routine every-other night is helpful! I do not slug when I have applied my retnoid, rather I interchange the days and use the slugging method on my hydration nights. Remember to always research ahead of time about the type of products you are applying and the affects they will have when applying certain ingredients together. Be careful!

Try out slugging and let me know what your experience its like! If you have dry skin, I promise you, you will notice a difference.

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