How To Budget Your Skincare Routine – Facial Cleanser Edition

I truly believe that you do not need to spend an absurd amount of money on face cleansers. The purpose of face cleansers is to “clean your face” from everyday oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants that land on your skin throughout the day. Dirt and oil can cause acne and other skin problems. You are probably thinking… Well face cleansers are important, so I should find one that is the best of the best. Yes, it is one of the first steps and arguably the most important but as long as you find a cleanser that works well for your skin, you realistically do not need to spend a lot of money on one. The market has gotten so diverse with inexpensive options. When building a routine it can get expensive, and once certain products run out you have to keep repurchasing. Keep your routine attainable. Face cleansers are on your skin for 30 seconds max. Spending more money on your active skincare ingredients is money well spent. Actives are made with a high percentage of ingredients to help your skin for the long run. Prioritize your routine and budget. You do not need to spend more than $20.00 on a facial cleanser. Cerave & Cetaphil have been my go to companies for facial cleansers. What I love specifically about Cerave cleansers is that their packaging is very straight to the point. If you are a beginner in skincare their packaging is not confusing unlike some other brands that have their own names for products. Pictured below is the Cerave Hydrating cleanser. I have dry skin, I live in a colder climate so the hydrating cleanser is the one I go for. As seen on the packaging, it states pretty clearly that it is for Normal to Dry skin. In a previous blog I go into detail on how you can tell what your skin type is. If you are unsure what your skin type is, that is the first step to figure out before purchasing a facial cleanser. Click here for more details.

If you wear makeup and SPF on your face daily, you are going to need to double cleanse your skin. I do not mean use a makeup wipe and then a cleanser… NO! Makeup wipes do not remove all your makeup. What does double cleansing mean? It means cleaning your skin twice before applying any creams or actives to the skin. The cleanse before the cleanse. The facial cleansers that are shown above do not remove makeup and should be used as your second cleanse. Remove all makeup/SPF before using these types of cleansers. I promise you, if you start to double cleanse you will notice such a difference in your skin.

Remember there are great inexpensive options out there. Prioritize what is important for you in your skincare and try not to get sucked into unrealistic marketing tactics. It happens to all of us. Just know, facial cleansers are not a product you need to spend a lot of money on.

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  • Sanya Bahadur
    September 28, 2020 at 1:54 am

    Learnt about double cleansing today…Thanks!


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