How To Prepare Your Skin For A Colder Climate

As the leaves change colours and as we say goodbye to the longer days and the sunny-weather, we are going to say hello to the shorter days and cooler weather. Your skin changes as the weather does. If you typically live in a colder climate you know that dry skin is a real thing. They do say your skin does loose moisture in the Winter because of the dry air. How can we help and prevent this you ask? Well you gotta really take care of your skin during these colder months. You are probably thinking… well duh… just moisturize more. Well, of course moisturizing is the answer, but I believe it is the way you incorporate it in your everyday routine that can help your skin during these colder months ahead.

Make sure you are moisturizing your skin immediately out of the shower!

My trick isn’t just a typical cream moisturizer… It is baby oil. I apply baby oil right after I turn off my shower. Make sure when applying baby oil after a shower that your skin is wet when applying. This will lock in the moisture. Since doing this trick my skin has felt so much softer. Try it out and I promise you, you will see improved results in no time! I have used other oils such as, almond oil but I always go back to the tried-and-true Johnson’s baby oil. It is a fairly inexpensive product that can be found at any drug store.

Apply lip balm and hand cream before bed every night!

I keep my lip balm on my nightside table along side hand cream. The last step before my head hits the pillow before bed, is to apply lip balm and hand cream. You will wake up feeling smooth and hydrated before you even start the day. This has helped me quite a bit. They say your skin does loose moisture throughout the night so this step is very helpful. The Bite Beauty Agave nighttime therapy balm is a game changer. I will not use any other product. This helps your lips repair themselves. Any hand cream will do the job. Just make sure you are applying hand cream before bed as well.

Use a heavier face cream at night.

Your skin needs to replenish at night. Restore your skins moisture by using a thicker face cream before bed. This cream from the Ordinary is a great option. This cream incorporates hyaluronic acid as one of its main ingredients. Hyaluronic acid boosts hydration in your skin and increases a plump appearance.

These steps will help keep you moisturized throughout the Winter!

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