Three Skincare Products I Regret Buying Into

This past year I have really taken a deep dive into skincare. Well lets just say my opinion has grown and boy do I regret some of the products I have used on my poor sensitive skin. Please do your own research as well. I do not claim to be an expert by any means. This is all information I have learned and did do research on.

Biore Strips

I was obsessed with these and since doing my research on them I did not realize how much damage these strips can cause. It has been said that they may not only be pulling out blackheads… My skin is so sensitive and I will never use these again.

Sleeping Masks

Not proven for results & full of fragrance. I have learned that some of these sleeping masks have alot of fragrance in them, this can cause your skin to dry out overtime. Honestly I didn’t see any amazing results with my skin when I was using products like this. My skin is dry so I thought this would have helped with more moisture. A heavy moisturizer at night to repair your skin would work even better. No fragrance for me please!

Witch Hazel

This was a hard realization for me. I thought this was doing so much for my acne… My aesthetician recommended this product and I thought it was doing wonders for my poor sensitive skin. It was just increasing the redness which is not a good thing.

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