Cetaphil vs. Cerave

There is quite the debate online between the two. Many favour Cerave while Cetaphil has quite the loyal following as well.

Cetaphil – Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil face wash has been a product I used throughout high school and I was introduced to a skincare routine through this product. As an active tik tok watcher many skincare enthusiasts will claim that Cetaphil’s ingredient lists is basic. Honestly, I do not have any issues with this. For a face wash all I want it to do is wash my face, as long as it gets rid of the everyday dirt and grime that is all I need it to do. Cetaphil face wash is not stripping and made my skin feel clean. I do still use it from time to time. Make sure if you do decide to buy Cetaphil face wash, that you purchase the gentle skin cleanser with no fragrance.


Cerave has taken the internet by storm in 2020. I have been loving their hydrating cleanser. I would say the consistency does feel similar to the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser but more rich. When you hear people talk about this product they often rage about the PH balance. I have been using the hydrating cleanser now for about 5 months and have been loving it. I would definitely try other cleansers from Cerave.

With all skincare items be careful with what you use on your skin. Take the time to get to know your skin and the ingredients that are in some of the products you have been buying.

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