Which Makeup Products Should I Splurge On?

Let me preface this by saying, just because I will say I would not splurge on certain items, it does not mean I have stopped splurging on some of these. This is all an opinion, and if you are on a budget this advice can be helpful!


Splurge? Yes! Foundation for me is definitely a high end item, I will spend more money on it. I like foundations that have other skincare properties in them which usually means, it will cost more. Foundation is the product directly applied to your skin everyday. You want to make sure that the foundation is good quality and will not break you out.


Splurge? Yes! I have very dry skin so I am always on the hunt to find a concealer that does not cling to my dry patches. I love the Nars radiant creamy concealer and have not found a great dupe similar, for a less expensive price.


Splurge? Absolutely NOT! Rimmel & Physicians Formula have some great matte formulas that do a better job than some higher end bronzers.


Splurge? Yes. I have boughten blush from the drugstore and while they were good, they just do not give me the same payoff as most of my high end blushes do. You want to make sure that the blush has pigment that will actually show up on your cheek. The distress I have found from buying drugstore blushes is that, most of them come with an air brushed sparkle layer on the top. I prefer to use a high pigmented matte blush & if you feel the same, some higher end options may work better for you. Mac & Nars are the brands I love for blush.


Splurge? No. Now this would have been a totally different story 10 plus years ago when I first started wearing makeup. Lately drugstore highlighters are giving high end a run for its money. There are some great options on the market that will give you an expensive looking affect for a lower price point.


Splurge? Absolutely No! I have tried high end mascaras and while some work I have never tried any and thought wow, I am never going back to paying $9.00 for a tube I would much rather pay $30.00. Not worth it! There are some drugstore mascaras that I have absolutely loved. Mascara is also the one product that expires the fastest so keep this in mind when purchasing a new one.


Splurge? No. Marcelle double ended matte eyeliner is an option that will never make you pay more than $15.00 on an eyeliner ever again! Eyeliner is a product that many different companies have crafted formulated and mastered.

Eye Shadow

Splurge? YES. Eye shadow has been a product I have been splurging on for years! I really have not seen or tested any lower priced eye shadows that had the pay off and pigment in them as many high end eyeshadows do.

Brow Product

Splurge? No. Honestly I have tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow product and was just was not impressed. I kept going back to my cheaper alternatives. I do however love their clear brow gel.

Lip Product

Splurge? No. Even though it is nice and luxurious to wear high end lip product, it is still not worth it. Drugstore’s carry great formulas now in most brands. When I was first exploring makeup it was very hard to find a matte lipstick from the drugstore. Maybelline has some great options! NYX butter glosses as you see pictured, is my favourite gloss I have ever tried and has the perfect consistency.

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