Why I Started to Incorporate Clean Beauty in My Every Day Products

I know that there is this a huge Clean Beauty phase, everyone is on right now. Some people are against it, some people are all for it and others are on the fence about it. I know there are some products & brands that claim to be Clean and have some great ingredients in them, but still have some not so great ingredients incorporated. At the end of the day all of us just want products that will not harm our skin. So the Clean Beauty train is something I am totally for. It is great for more companies to start thinking of formulas to sell to their consumers with less harmful ingredients. If we are trying to eat healthy and workout we should be putting as much thought into the actual products we put on our skin. I will have a few knock out Clean beauty products below that I can’t live without them. Let me know your take on this is, in the comments below! Are you all for Clean Beauty?

Drunk Elephant

B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum

This is a newer product for me. This product is magic when applied with other moisturizers and by itself. The hydration factors in this product is just incredible. If you have dry skin and notice when you have makeup on that it tends to cling to your dry patches… use this product! I have other Drunk Elephant products that I love but if someone asked me to choose one to use forever it would be this product. I have even started noticing a difference in my skin’s texture when using this.

Bite Beauty

Nighttime lip Therapy

I use this every night before bed and my lips the next morning are so moisturized. I found when using this product every night that I actually use less chapstick throughout the day. This is a must purchase.

RMS Beauty

Living Luminizer

If you need a daily pick me up, buy this product. You have seen this product in many of my other blogs and this is for a good reason. It looks beautiful on the skin. It will give you that daily glow that is needed.

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