What I Have Tried From RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty

Lip2cheek – In Illusive

This blush makes you look like the colour comes from within. It is a beautiful colour and does last on the skin. A little does go a long way. It blends nicely in the skin. With this product I have found that blending with my fingers it does apply better to my face. I will have to admit. I just can’t get away from my powder blushes. I do not necessary prefer powder on my skin because I do have dry skin, but when using Mac & Nars blushes for a long time it’s hard not to go back to old favourites.

RMS Beauty

Living Luminizer

This is by far my favourite product, so far, from RMS. I was a bit weary of the colour because it looks like a cool tone based product. It is a pearl white. Typically with my olive skin tone I do not tend to gravitate towards cool tone products. This product is magic and will work with any skin colour. This just brings an extra healthy glow to your face. Where I like to put this product on, is the tip of my nose and on the cheek bones. The other places of the face that I have used this product on is my brow bone and the centre of my eyelid on top of other eye shadow. Another bonus about RMS Beauty products is that there are no scents to them. Highly recommend this product for everyday use.

RMS Beauty

Bronzer – Buriti

This is a great bronzer but I must admit I use this more as an eyeshadow than a bronzer. This is beautiful on the eye lid for that one swipe of colour. What I love about RMS is that their products are multipurpose for the girl on the go. I am not sure if they claim their products can be used for different parts on the face, so do not take this advice as fact. Please be careful and apply product the way you feel most comfortable applying to different parts of your face. This is just what I do. There is some shimmer to the product so I was skeptical about using this as an actual bronzer but it just adds such a beautiful glow to the skin.

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